Yard Waste Collection


Open lawn waste pickup:

The City of Glens Falls picks up branches (under 4 inches in diameter), brush, and non-bagged leaves in the spring and fall of the year during "Open Pickup (PDF)" periods. Open pickup is scheduled annually with dates that vary depending on the year and the weather but generally are as follows:

  • Please separate leaves from sticks and brush. Mixed piles will not be accepted.

Bagged Lawn waste pickup:

Effective immediately, bagged lawn waste that is put at the curb for collection by the DPW must be separated by type. Leaves and grass clippings may be placed in the same bag. Brush and small branches should not be bagged. Bags with a mixture of brush/branches and leaves/grass clippings will not be picked up. This new policy is being enacted to comply with new rules at the lawn waste dumping contractor that the city uses. The city thanks you for your cooperation with this new policy.

Bag pickup begins as soon as the weather permits, typically when the snow is gone, and extends through the end of the fall open pickup at the beginning of October, weather permitting. Because of the mild winter, crews are now (March, 2016) picking up bagged lawn waste. With the exception of during the "Open Pick-up" periods in spring and fall, any lawn debris must be bagged in biodegradable bags. Please do not overload the bags with soil or other heavy debris since the items are manually loaded (bags should have a maximum weight of 50 pounds). Please store the bags on the grass between the curb and sidewalk where possible. Plastic or non-biodegradable enclosed materials will not be picked up under any circumstances.

Bagged lawn waste will be picked up weekly according to the schedule below.

Weekly Biodegradable Bag & Refuse Container Pickup Schedule

  • Tuesday - Ward 3
  • Wednesday - Ward 2
  • Thursday - Ward 4 and 5
  • Friday - Ward 1